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Olive oil is considered a tradition among the Belkhiria family since the end of the 19th century, originally from a Berber tribe called ‘Znata’ located in Tunisia’s coastal region named in the Romans times ‘Ruspina’, nowadays known as Monastir. Throughout the years, our experience has been built around olive cultivation and its production.

After the liberalisation of the olive oil sector in Tunisia by 1994, the brand Ruspina became a market leader and synonym of prime quality. Our finest olives are collected by generous hands, cold-pressed, then delicately filtered and bottled; all under the Mediterranean sun and within our properties. We handle the whole process, starting from the growing and harvesting to the packaging, ensuring that we offer the most delicate taste and an unforgettable flavour.

Ruspina is a well-balanced extra virgin olive oil renowned and distinguished by its colour, intense bouquet, and delicate taste, making it the ideal new product for your favourite plates.


Mrs Samia Salma Belkhiria

General manager

Mr Moez Ferjani

Deputy General Director


Who We Are ?

MEDAGRO S.A was founded after the liberalization of the olive oil sector in Tunisia and became in a short period of time, a leader in the Tunisian market and synonym of prime quality Extra-Virgin olive oil around the world. RUSPINA is well balanced extra virgin oil which distinguished by its color, intense bouquet and delicate taste which make it the ideal ingredient for salad dressing and sauces.

Our selected flavored olive oil is the result of a blending of tastiest herbs and spices of our country. The selection represents the Mediterranean culinary tradition that can be used at any season in accordance with your personnel taste.

RUSPINA offers also fleshy green olives, collected by generous hands under the Mediterranean sun. Our olives are bathed in a precisely dosed conditioning with a pinch of salt which brightens the flavors.

RUSPINA offers also a variety of six flavors of vinegar for salads, marinades and grilling: natural or balsamic, lemon or garlic, cider or grape … Perfumes are subtly dosed that you’ll never forget.

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